Tips for Preparing your Outdoor Space



  1. Clear your space out.

Take all existing ‘stuff’ out of the space you want to redecorate, this way you’ll can get a good feel for what you are working with.


  1. Make a plan.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or adding to existing furniture & accessories, a plan is the key to your success. Measure your space and draw it out, look for furniture pieces that fit, ask yourself what are the items you NEED to have and stick to the list while shopping.  This is where an interior designer is invaluable, hire someone if you need help.


  1. Create a mood board.

What do you want the space to feel like/look like? Is there a style or theme you are looking to achieve? What is your colour scheme? Choose some favorite pieces; by putting them all in a visual tool, you’ll be able to tell if they will work together cohesively and achieve what you’re after.


  1. Make intentional purchases

Have a copy of your visual scheme and measurements with you while shopping,

having these things prepared in advance will keep you on track with purchases.






  1. Reupholster furniture cushions.

If you are reusing your outdoor furniture, consider reupholstering the cushions in a beautiful, fresh, new outdoor fabric. Furniture pieces usually come with covered cushions that are just ‘blah’.  Make these your own!

2. Order custom toss cushions.

Store bought outdoor toss cushions are okay, but choosing something that perfectly complements your space, in an outdoor fabric that will last for years, in the right size (store bought are usually too small), with a beautiful filler (store bought are usually hard batting), will make ALL the difference for a comfortable lounge space.

3. Mix furniture styles.

Use your investment outdoor pieces, but consider mixing in some trending occasional pieces such as occasional chairs, side tables and accessories.  These pieces can be found seasonally at reasonable prices, changing these things every year or so isn’t a big investment and keeps you updated.

4. Add some lighting.

Layering lighting is key to any space, indoor or out.  If you can, hang overhead lighting, and use outdoor lanterns on side tables and on the ground.  Layering your lighting scheme makes for a soft cozy evening on the patio!


5. Use different textures in your accent tables and accessories.

Not every piece of furniture has to ‘match’.  Just like indoors, you can mix furniture styles and textures for a more dynamic look.


6. Add whimsical touches.


7. Layer the space with different heights.

Florals and greens are a great way to add some texture and height to your space.


8. Add an area rug.

Like any other room, this space needs a rug.  Remember this tip – bigger is always better – it will help define the space and add a texture under foot that will feel great and protect  your toes on hot days.


9. Use colour to create contrast, flow, and interest.

Many outdoor furniture sets these days are all one neutral colour.  If re-upholstery isn’t in your budget, add visual interest and flow in the space by adding colour, pattern and texture in your accessories.  If there is any space to let loose and have a bit of fun, this is the one!  Here, we’ve used black and white as our base, and added different shades of blue, yellow and rust as accents.


10. Use faux plants for all year style.

Here, we mixed real and faux and you wouldn’t even know!


We hope this gave you a bit of inspiration on how to style your outdoor space!