Calgary Community Design – Britannia Plaza

Britannia Plaza is a small quaint shopping area that is home to many different businesses such as coffee shops, retail stores, salons, restaurants, and high end grocery – most of them owned by local entrepreneurs. We love to support local! It is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon connecting with friends or having a cup of coffee by yourself reading a book (and maybe even a book you bought from the book store located in the plaza) – the options are endless!

Location: Elbow Drive and 49th Ave. S.W. Britannia plaza is located only 5 minutes from Chinook Centre Mall and has a good amount of free parking (always a plus!)

As always, we love the original brick exterior against the black window frames.

We love the original brick and the wooden beams on Elbow Room’s rooftop patio – one of the best in the city!

Monogram Coffee is an exclusive local coffee shop in Calgary started by three young men with a passion for coffee. They believe “exceptional coffee should inspire warmth and wonder”. ( Discover more about Monogram coffee on their site and be sure to check out all their locations in the city!

Elbow room is owned by the executive chef, Ryan. The restaurant has a thoughtful and curated menu that incorporates the diversity of Canadian cuisine. As they say themselves, it’s the kind of place for “a business meeting, a first date, a girls night out, or a family dinner”.  They aim to cater to all.

The Plaza is filled with beautiful floral and greenery giving it a very fresh and lively feeling!

We love the open window / bar concept that gives a view of the street and cools down the shop on a hot summer’s day! The wooden plank bench adds a nice touch.

Village Ice Cream is a local Calgary coffee shop and loved by many! The Ice Cream shop was dreamed up by founder, Billy. On one hot summer’s day on his grandma’s porch in Montana, Billy had an idea. He was eating a pint of rich, homemade huckleberry ice cream. He decided after tasting that deliciousness, he wanted to bring that to life in Calgary. So he set out on a “hot pursuit to bring cold perfection” in 2012 and now 7 years later, his 3 Village Ice Cream locations are some of the hottest spots in Calgary! They are always keeping it fresh by offering non – dairy options, new daily flavours, and seasonal options! Be sure to taste this “love letter to your mouth” as Billy would say!

Jusu Bar was created with hopes of inspiring and motivating people and the community to take health and wellness into their own hands and make better choices.  It’s inspired us!  This is one of our favorite cold juice companies in the city.  (  You can find the juice products at stockists all over the city  – enjoy!

We love the shiplap clock tower! Although clock towers are mainly used for aesthetics now, long ago they were used as the main source of telling the time in a community as no one had clocks in their homes and watches didn’t exist. We love this feature that gives you the time and also takes you back in time!

The familiar exterior of the ever loved Owl’s Nest (it reminds us of Christmas and trust us, it feels like Christmas inside to0!)

Fun fact: Owls nest book store is Calgary’s longest established book store! They host book clubs and events.  Join them at (

What a pop that awing is against the cedar shakes on this exterior! Great job Britannia Wine Merchant!

The Beige Label (Salon):

“Fuelled by a dream, The Beige Label was inspired by natural and organic elements. We represent evolution in the industry, consistency in the experience, and an energy that embodies passion and kindness.” (

From restaurants and grocery stores to retail to coffee and wine shops, there are many different options to choose from in this cute little plaza in Calgary and we highly recommend you check it out! Don’t forget to admire all of the unique interior and exterior designs in all of these places!