Custom Drapery

With our 15 + combined years in the window covering business, we are experts within this specialized area of interior decorating.

Why choose Custom?

Custom drapery allows us to create treatments that perfectly compliment your space by choosing fabrics, lining, and drapery hardware based on function and aesthetic.

Custom Drapery Function
  • Sound dampening on a busy street or in a media or music room.
  • Full blackout for light sensitive clients or children.
  • Energy efficiency for cold, drafty windows &/or hot, sunny windows.
  • Sheer fabric for daytime UV protection and privacy.
  • Glare control in media rooms and offices.
  • Functional drapery hardware which allows for ease of operation.
  • Correct lining selection – for fullness and light control.
Custom Drapery Aesthetic
  • Correct fit – just the right height and width for each wall and window.
  • Custom fabric selection to perfectly compliment each space.
  • Fullness – not skimpy looking store bought panels.
  • Drapery hardware finishes to match other elements in the space.
  • Enhanced options only available to interior designers – not in stores.

Whatever your project and budget, we will work with you to create your custom treatment.  Please contact us to schedule your custom drapery consultation.